TORA School of Mnistry is a school for building and equipping believers to understand Biblical principles.  The school provides indepth studies provide training and istructions concerning warfare.  Many things have been preached, but there has not been revelation on how to operate inteh prophetic or how to do warfare.  

The classes are geeared toward those who are seeking deeper relationwhip with God and are called to the ministry.  There is over 50 years of studying and minsitry poured into the courses.  


1. An appliction must be completed and emailed to  You may receive the application via email.  

2. You will receive a handbook  with the requirement to receive a degree and to graduate.

e. Each course is four or five weeks long and classes are held one night a week via zoom.  The zoom is available if you are unable to attend the class.  Class schedule will be EST.

4. Each course cost is $50 US dollars.  The class must be paid by the first week of class or you will not be allowed to see the class until the bill is paid.

5. All fees are non-refundable.

6. You may pay through pay pal, cash app, or venmo.



Warfare 101:  Prayer.  War with a prophetic word, confrontation, breakthrough, rearguard, prayer of travail and agony, and praying in another dimension.

Warfare 102: Three-Fold Demonic Cord--Jezebel, Athaliah, Delilah. Jezebel’s characteristics, Jezebel and her influence in oppression, Jezebels eunuchs, Jezebel and soul ties, confronting Jezebel’s false prophets, Ahab, characteristics of Delilah, Jehu anointing, and keys to victory over Jezebel.

Warfare 103: Three-Fold Demonic Structure—Leviathan. Leviathan the king of pride; Leviathan the covenant breaker, Leviathan the strongman spirit, and confronting Leviathan

Warfare 104: Behemoth, Phoenix, and Azazyel. Behemoth the system that crosses land and sea, how to battle the stronghold of behemoth, Phoenix and rebellion, and Azazyel and the gates of hell.

Warfare 105, 106, 107:  Water Spirits.  Evil effects of water spirits, what are water spirits, origins of water spirits, how water spirits effect territories, and waging war on water spirits. Squid spirits, Starbucks, octopus’ spirits, merfolk spirits, Nebo and Neptune. Minerva, spirit of Rahab, Lilith, incubus, and succubus.

Warfare 108:  Belial and Python.  Spirit of Belial, Prayer over Belial, Python, and serpent spirit.

Warfare 109:  Wild Ass Spirit.  Wild Ass Spirit (who loosed it in the church), bitterness, Wormwood, Vagabond Spirit, and Spirit of Offense.

Warfare 110:  Halloween and Absalom. Halloween and its effects of church, Absalom, and rebellion through Absalom Spirit.

Warfare 111:  Territorial Spirits. Territorial spirits in hostile environment, battles in the heavenlies, the strongman, understanding principalities, possessing our cities and towns.  Praying for states and nations


Warfare 201 & 202:  Regions of Captivity

Extensive study on Isaiah 61:1-3; setting the captives free.  After deliverance, then what?

Abaddon the spoiler, hidden dark places, and deliverance from captivity.

Warfare 203:  Three Frogs; Korah, Cain, and Balaam. Sins and characteristics of Spirit of Korah, Spirit of Cain, Cain and abortion, Spirit of Balaam—Spirit of Greed and Spirit of Error.

Warfare 204-205: Seven Evil Spirits.  In-depth study of Deuteronomy 7:1-2.  The Hittites Spirit (the sons of terror), and Girgashites (unbelief and earthly possessions). Amorites (gossip and slander). Canaanites (lowland people), Perizzites (smallness and tiny people), Hivites (villagers), and Jebusites (the threshers).

Warfare 206-207:  Familiar Spirits.  The familiar becomes the foe, thorns of the flesh, the flesh realm, Biblical familiar spirits, and rulers of darkness.

Warfare 208:  Spirit of Dog. Immorality in the Kingdom of God.

Ministry 301 & 302:  Merchandising the Anointing. False Bride, deception, protection from deception, false church, and the anointing.

Year Three

Ministry 303-304-305:  Discernment.  Discerning the spirit and discerning the heart.  Discern to lead and discern to build.  Discerning during warfare, discerning the times, and how to develop discernment.

Ministry 306-308:  Discerning the prophetic witchcraft, charismatic witchcraft, and true prophets.  The anointing in the cluster and three levels of anointing.

Ministry 309:  Spirit of excellence.  Developing and walking in a spirit of excellence.

Ministry 310-313:  Realm of the prophetic. Judging prophecy, Nabi anointing, seer anointing, prophetic realms and dimensions, office of the prophet, gift of prophecy, and judging revelatory encounters.

Year Four

Ministry 401, 402, 403, 404, 405, 406:  Courts of Heaven.  Understanding the courtroom activity, bloodline and generational curses, unlocking health, wealth, and healing.  Co-laboring with the Great cloud of witnesses, angels, Holy Spirit, and Jesus.  Learning how to function in the courts of heaven.

Ministry 407-408:  The glory.  What is the glory?  How to maintain the glory, unity in the glory, changing atmospheres in the glory, and living in the glory.

Ministry 409-410: The fire of God.   How to rekindle the fire, keeping the fire burning on the altar, and building an altar of worship.

Ministry 411:  Ministry practicum.






Master Level and Doctoral degrees are being developed.

Matthew 28:19   
Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:
2 Timothy 2:15  
Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.